What would Martin Luther think of being a toy?


Thanks to a student, I was made aware that Martin Luther is now available to take up permanent residence in your home, or your child’s toy bin.  As Newsweek helped announce, The Luther Playmobil toy is the fastest selling of all time.  All 34,000 figures, that come with a quill and Bible, sold out in less than 72 hours.  As Germany anticipates the 500th anniversary of the Protestant reformation, this toy serves as a reminder of the impact the German reformation had on individuals, the Church, and society at large.  It is questionable, however, whether Martin Luther would have been happy with the creation of this toy. Perhaps, however, it is better than the bobble head doll that my husband purchased for me years ago.  It unfortunately, did not survive my children’s curiosity.  In the very least, it should be harder to break and more accessible to the common person, much like Luther himself.  A man who stood his ground and sought to make the word of God available to all.