How Society Presents Humans: Sexuality, Health, Beauty, Good Looks

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Magazine Cover Emphasis: Sex, Abs, Rich, & Muscles Rasmus, J. (2015, April). Diesel strength. Men’s Fitness (May).

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Magazine Cover Emphasis: Drop 5 Pounds, Epic Orgasms, & Anti-Aging Keller-Laird, A. (2015, April). Hey girl. Women’s Health (April).

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Bridal Week 2015 occurred recently and according to high-end bridal gown designers, dresses are moving towards sultry, provocative, and very revealing with more lingerie looks than ever before. *Photo from article listed below* La Ferla, R. (2015). At fashion week, sultry and proactive. Retrieved from

My Reflections

How Society Presents Humans:

  • Sexual Beings
  • Always Seeking to Improve Life, Love, Health
  • Unsatisfied and Striving for “More”

Values in American Culture:

  • Sexuality
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Good Looks
  • “Fighting Back” on Stereotype

Personal Reactions

  • Individuals are portrayed as simply material, physical beings
  • Lack of representation of emotional, intellectual, psychological wellness
  • The human body is portrayed as a playground
  • For sexuality primarily, but also for physical strength
  • Culture portrays consumerism at unprecedented rates
  • Advertisements often focus on sexuality to entice audiences
  • Culture’s definition of health varies greatly from Biblical standards
  • Wealth, career minded, fit, sexy & friendly reign supreme

By Tegan Pfortmiller–Wheaton College


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