Multi-tasking Super Person or Uni-function Person?

In an individualistic culture and business oriented world we tend to value productivity. Machines were designed with the capability to be multifunctional to help organizations or individual control and create their products. People have been encouraged to become like multi-tasking machines, trying to do as much as they can do in a single moment since time is limited, but the tasks keep increasing.  People are referred to as a supermom, superman, or superhero.


Those titles sound good in an individualistic and productive culture.  What happens, however, if an individual attempts to do things by themselves unaware of the heavy workload? Are we to see ourselves  like multifunction knife or printer? How long can someone maintain that life style? If people are seen like multi-tasking machines, will they end up be used and breaking down? This situation is not limited to the business world, but also evidenced in the Christian ministries and organizations. Maybe because some ministries lack people to do tasks, or some Christian leaders do not trust others to do tasks. In 1 Cor. 12, Paul tell us that individual believers are to be seen as part of a body. Each person plays an important role in the success of how the body functions. How does this apply to our lives?  How many time a month or a year do we seek to be a uni-functioning person–focusing on one task such as reading a book, cooking, spending time with our family, or working on one task. How often we look up to the sky or look at creation?  Scripture calls us to trust in God as our Helper ,rather than rely on ourselves.

By Chiraphon Chummongkhon Wheaton College


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