Why My Children Should Know Who Martin Luther Is

Seeking Christ Alone

Yesterday, on the way to swim team, my five year old asked what I had taught my students that day.  He had studied how to identify animal footprints in the snow at Preschool and he was curious what I could been doing for two whole hours while he was napping. When I responded I had taught about Martin Luther, he asked, “Is he important?”  My eight year quickly responded,  “Of course, or we wouldn’t have had a day off of school for him.”  As I corrected my older son that he had discussed Martin Luther, not Martin Luther King Jr., my ten year quipped in he must be “Martin Luther King Jr’s dad.”  When I replied no, my 13 year old said “I have never heard of him.  He must not be that important.”  Talk about an epic fail on my part. Here I had just given a paper on…

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